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3 Things: An Update about Reviews, Thanksgiving, and My Thoughts On The NG Chat Drama

Posted by BraydogTheGreat - November 24th, 2017

If you would like to get updates on every time I make a news update, simply ask and I'll add you to the subscriptions tag-line, ya hear?



1. Happy T(h)anksgiving ole' NG. I'll mark this as the first thanksgiving where I didn't eat Turkey. Or at least, the only one I can remember. Whatevs. Ham and chicken is somewhat better.

2. I have a website where I make reviews and stuff(ing). But more importantly, reviews. You can check 'em out over here ( http://braydogproductions.wixsite.com/braydogproductions/reviews ). I'll try and make them more often than not. Maybe once or twice a month. If you like it, why not go to the homepage of the site and subscribe (Kill) yourself.

3. Alright, the only reason I'm even doing this post is because I've heard a heaping hell lot of drama lately regarding the NG Chat. So, for those 4 or 5 people who don't have the scoop, let me fill you in.

@Dre went on to the NG Chat to let out some steam about @Sekhem 's racist and anti-Semitic behavior on the forums. And then somewhere along the way Chat owner @BrenTheMan got mad or something and thus, shut down the chat until further notice.

That is honest to god, all I know about the situation. Has Sekhem been the twat Dre makes him out to be? I believe so, as it appears that Dre has provided some evidence in one of his latest news posts regarding him ( https://dre.newgrounds.com/news/post/1001499 ). 

But is this enough reason to temporarily close the chat? Seriously? 

Anyway, on a similar note, Dre claims to have made a post in one of those threads that asks people what they're listening to and he supposedly posted Hebrew music( https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/b1a7a41ce5335c52cb3bb0053580abdd ) . Hebrew Music of which that was supposedly to forum moderator @Malachy , "derailing the thread" , a crime of which can be punishable by getting your post deleted and banned from the BBS. 

So, I can understand where Dre is coming from with this. He even went so far as to drag Tom Fulp into this, saying that he Purposely posed a blind eye while Sekhem was not only making disgusting remarks, but also creating alternative NG accounts to circumvent bans which is ALSO not aloud.

I think Dre kind of made a bonehead move to complain to the NG Chat about it, because they don't take AAANNYYTHING seriously in the chat. Anything. The only time I remember them being somewhat sincere or emotional was when Chester Bennington died a few months ago. Since then, multiple other celebrities have died (Gee, 2017 sure has been great, hasn't it?), multiple terrorist attacks and mass shootings have happened, and Trump is still the prez. Yet the only thing that mattered was this one emo rockstar who hung himself (Not saying that what happened to Bennington DOESNT matter, but regardless it's nothing compared to the thousands of lives lost to detonating bombs, drugs, and Fidget Spinners). 

Anyway, getting back to the story, Dre is incredibly serious about all this. He even ended his Supporter subscription and has encouraged others who have it to do the same.

Hell, he's even contacted ME on DeviantArt (Of all places) stating pretty much the same thing he's been saying to everybody: Sekhem's a dick, Malachy and @TomFulp are both anti-Semitic shitty people, and NG isn't what it used to be.

As well as that, he also stated that @DanielTheManiel 's story is a lie.

In all, this is ridiculously retarded and here's what I personally think should happen.

1. Bren, please open up the chat. There are more people who care about the place being closed than people who actually give a damn about WHY it was closed

2. Ban Sekhem for like a month or something and if he STILL, after all these years and bans, DOESNT learn from his mistakes, then straight up permaban the hypocrite and call it a day.

3. Give @Malachy a warning because what he did was pretty screwed up.

I'd like it if we can get the word out as much as we can about all this, so I've taken the liberty of tagging a hell lot of peeps to this post startiiiiiiiing now

@ADR3-N @Gimmick @NekoMika @ChazDude @byteslinger @MistyEntertainment @SevenSeize @Jackho @Knights @dilandoubishop @GearWax @Rummy @OneThousandMeeps @Troisnyx @BraydenGD @RightTime @DoctorStrongbad @Exedor @Painbringer @FUNKbrs @RobClock @TheQuietGamer @SamPercy @wildfire4461 @Fro @luden @JosephStarr @MPPlantOfficial @BronzeHeart92 @AcidX @SukiWukiDookie @kidray76 @sobolev


 Thank you for reading.



Comments (17)

Hi everyone

I can't do anything. I have my own problems. You should have gotten a NG discord invite for regulars by now. Good luck

i am a very dangerous racist - please be careful

when i am alone, i sometimes sing the old tune ‘johnny zero’ too

You. Me. We need to talk. NOW.

Kinda odd how Dre is willing to provide screenshots of Sekhem's posts (and yes sekhem's a twat), but not providing any serious evidence of his alleged conversation with Tom Fulp.

Anyway, hola to everyone else here.

I don't know any of these people but Tom.

If I had to say anything on the situation:

If @Sekhem is trying to convey any kind of humor he lost any ability to do so to those who don't know him/her well enough. He reeks of what I've come to know as a /pol/tard- and you know what we do to people who say that kinda shit? Ignore them. He only has as much power as you give him- and none of you even bothered to put a 'report thread' together to compound your complaints and supposed evidence to do something. If a group of you have a problem then you must present it as a group receiving supposed grief.

As far as @Malachy goes, posting hebrew music isn't punishable unless the intent is malicious. Clearly he knew it would bother someone and it got the reaction desired from it (or more than he/she intended). This also wouldn't have derailed anything if you... again- didn't draw attention to it. There seems to be a theme here, huh?

Accusing Tom of all people to be anti-semitic along with Malachy is able to be considered as slander. Sekhem I can understand where the accusation could be dredged up, but otherwise you're entering murky waters with no hope of turning up credible or worth anyone's time. If @Dre continues to make these accusations as well as bring on the loss of supporters without making an actual organized group complaint he's not worth taking seriously. He's also liable to be considered slanderous.

If you want any kind of change do more than QQ at your keyboard in pockets of the website which generate little attention. Don't just fill out a report- pull anyone who echoes your sentiment together in a series of organized and thought out posts. Do any of you have a sense of how forums work or how to act together to receive notice?

I personally think the lot of you suffer a problem that comes with spending too much time in small friend circles and are seeing the seeds of overfamiliarity. I agree Sekhem has questionable posts- but at the same time you're being a bunch of whinging crybabies over a hebrew tradition song being posted and calling the website owner a racist. Your issue had weight regarding Sekhem but when you put something stupid followed by something unfounded nobody will care what you have to say regarding this issue. This website was also founded on unsavory humor, which you must all keep in mind and understand we aren't here to hold your hands in the face of tasteless jokes (when that is the case).

Until Dre and anyone echoing his sentiments step up to organize a proper complaint and provide evidence to their slander regarding Mala and Tom... you're not worth anyone's time and have next to no credibility.

It took some time to read and re-read your post, and then get all the details I could before I could weigh in with my opinions. For what it's worth, here's my two cents:

1) I've been on Newgrounds over 11 years, and while the site may not be as popular as it once was, I can tell you with 100% certainty that it's never tolerated racism or hatred. So any statement to the contrary is slander and calumny.

2) NG Chat, like all other chat rooms, constantly need to be moderated so that when truly offensive or dangerous statements are made, action can be taken as needed. Many conversations fall into grey areas of satire or sarcasm, and although a little off color, are not in themselves rule breaking.

3) As the owners of Newgrounds, the Fulps can do whatever they feel is right in the best interest of the site. In this case, the chat room became a nuisance and required too much moderation; rather than risk escalating the problems, they shut it down. As a system administrator, I agree 100% with that action.

4) There is no need for any action against @Malachy or any other moderator. I see nothing wrong with their actions.

5) Eventually the users who keep making racial slurs will be booted. The rest of us have to realize that these are the actions of immature people who enjoy the attention they get by trolling. The best thing we can do is just shut them down and not feed into the media frenzy.

Not everything posted is a personal affront, but 10 people can read the same forum post and take away 10 different opinions. Shutting down NG Chat was the wise thing to do until all of the details are sorted out. Give it some time, and you will see that some users will be banned or reprimanded, and the chat will most likely be back online again soon.

Just my thoughts...

@Chazdude the entirety of my conversation on this matter is in a single post in this blog thread:



Thanks for that.

So, Dre is a stalker who directly told me some info on Sekhem.
He’s also a hacker.
And a doxxer.
The lengths he went to are absurd.
I do not support what either of them are doing and think both should be banned.
But hey, unpopular opinion.
(Why was I tagged in this? Is it because I might abandon my account and this is one of the reasons?)

Oh and your website looks pretty rad.

*cough cough perhaps you'd like to subscribble cough cough*

*EDIT* reread this because I skimmed the first time and it appears that you were just relaying what he said, not necessarily siding with him, sorry.

THANK YOU. Tell the others.

"Bren, please open up the chat"

The Magic 8-Ball responds: "Outlook not so good."


Here in Australia we don’t celebrate thanksgiving and i go to school on thanksgiving cuz it isn’t holidays :(

@Sekhem is a troll. If no one has learned that by now, I'm not sure if I have any words. Most of Sekhem's posts are intentionally crass, but there's the occasional gem I smirk at. As for why Dre was banned rather than Sekhem, the issue runs deeper than one or two forum clashes, and that's all I'll say about it.

Dre has been making mountains out of molehills for a long time now, I think, and I used to support him, but I think he's gone too far. If you want my personal comment:


Imo, I don't know when chat will go up again. @BrentheMan did the smart thing taking it down for a while. With Dre's history of stalking, who knows what may happen now, even if his account is queued up for deletion. I'm a little concerned about how this guy knows about Sekhem's alts, unless he has, I dunno, been stalking him since 2005. He seems to have case folders at this point.

I support @Malachy's decision -- although tbf in his shoes I'd probably have banned both of them and called it a day. I can only stomach so much "Heil Hitler but the holocaust was a lie, lol."

Yeah, this whole situation is ridiculous. I would've supported Malachy at the beginning of the situation had I know the whole story. Wish I knew what actually happened before writing this bitching.

I also found it retarded of myself to tell Bren to open up the chat again. Like I'm his boss or something. Anyway, take care.


I understand you were trying to do a good thing, and you were misled. Hopefully though, Dre will either get bored of NG and move on, or see that there are more productive ways of dealing with trolls than sodding off your community by pulling the race card when you get busted for doing things you were told not to. The more we talk about it though, the less likely that will happen. Just remember, there's always time to edit your newspost, say sorry, or preface it with a note.

Yeah, I hear ya. I shouldn't have tried inserting myself into the equation in the first place. I bet if I made a news post counting the mistakes in this, it would probably be even longer than this post itself.

Speaking of posts, im planning on making one that basically explains what I was trying to do with this post. Because I think everyone believes I'm siding with Dre, which isn't true despite the retarded things I said in this post.

Anyway, stay tuned for that or not.